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“Spring Thing” flexible pipe mount wire
GMK 0100


 Help protect your expensive RC exhaust pipes from damage from  crashes, vibration and chassis flex with the GMK Supply “Spring Thing” flexible pipe mount wire. It’s strong enough to hold the pipe securely, but flexible enough to absorb shock.  The 2.3 mm diameter wire fits in standard pipe mounts, and the coil is wound tightly enough to keep the size small and fit anywhere a standard solid wire is used.  The “Spring Thing” comes straight so it can be easily bent to fit in place of your existing pipe mount, and it’s extra long to fit any application.  It’s plated to resist corrosion and improve the appearance, and it costs less than a plain solid wire mount besides. Get a few “Spring Things” so that you can make different lengths to fit your various length exhaust systems as you tune.  They’ll more than pay for themselves with the first pipe you don’t break or dent!


Tech Tip: When bending your “Spring Thing”, make the bend more gradual, and not sharp. It’s better to bend the wire over a slightly rounded edge rather than over a sharp edge. Be careful to not put a nick in the wire at the bend -- it will be more likely to break at that point if you nick it!