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“DustBusters” .12/.15 engine caps
GMK 0111


"DustBusters" are black vinyl caps to seal off the openings in your engine and keep it clean. This pack contains five different engine caps. If you store your engines, use these great caps to stop dust and other debris from entering!


  • 1 fuel inlet cap
  • 1 small cap for the small OS .12/.15 size carbs (OS CV, CV-R)
  • 1 large cap for the large OS .12 size carbs (OS TZ, TG) and Novarossi carbs
  • 1 small exhaust cap (to go over the end of the header on a side exhaust engine)
  • 1 large exhaust cap (to go right over the exhaust port, same as on a .21/.28)