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“CVD Condoms” for the Losi 8ight and 8ight-T  - quantity 2
GMK 0119


”CVD Condoms” are molded high temp vinyl caps that fit snuggly over the center front and rear CVDs on the Team Losi 8ight and 8ight-T. They keep the CVD pin from coming out and having the CVD fall apart if the setscrew backs out. The “CVD Condoms” have a larger hole in the cap used on the front because of the steep angle the front CVD runs at, and a smaller hole for the rear where the CVD is straight. Keeping the hole size snug, especially on the rear one, also has the added benefit of keeping most of the dirt and mud out of the join. The high temp vinyl used in the caps is more expensive, but it means the cap won't soften or distort from heat caused by the CVD spinningA must-have part for anyone racing the Losi 8ights!